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Short Stories

The Odds, Sods and Surprises Series of Short Stories

(OsssOss Books)

 Tales with unexpected twists and turns, put-downs and pick-me-ups, and delicious didn’t-see-that-coming endings.

Each book is around 200 pages in paperback – double that in eBook and Kindle Unlimited – and has its own theme –

  • Of roads and travel; the highways, byways and trails we use and abuse.

  • Of animals with their quirks and entertainments; their savagery or purring perfection.

  • Of the girls and ladies we’d love to meet, or dread to encounter; those who take the lead and those who go alone.

  • Of exotic places, events and people around the world – their darkest secrets and highest dreams.

  • Of you and me; the ordinary-seeming folk who are on the spot when it hits the fan.

  • Of men and women with attitude, who’s favourite line is, “Bring it on”.

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