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Twists & Turns

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Book 1 of 5 in the The Odds, Sods and Surprises Series of Short Stories (OsssOss).


41 short stories that stretch from a pickup in the bar, to Caribbean ferries; from the reading of the will, to last week's quiz night.
They last as long as a drink, but live in the mind forever.
A foray into the worlds of people who twist and turn, and never end up where you thought they were heading.

Everyday worlds? Everyday people? Maybe, but...

  • Could you live up to a Category Four name? Or cope with Year 10?
  • See how you'd manage with the women you meet in "The Prim Reaper, "The Yuli Accord" or "Not my Mirror"
  • Would you dare to lecture on "The Ten Command Moments"?
  • This guy on the ferry is the biggest nerd... isn't he?
  • Find out what "The Pry Mintser" really regrets.
  • It perhaps wasn't the best time and place to Wolf-whistle the beauty crossing the foyer.
  • Would you support the plot against King Aethelwulf?
  • Do you have A Beautiful Pair?"

"Five stars anytime."
"Highly entertaining; ranging over so many different situations, characters and moods."
"Such a surprise - something for everyone."
"Very, very readable; this book lifted my spirit, sometimes made me think, and often had me laughing."

Twists & Turns

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