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Go You Or I

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Go You Or I: Family, friends and enemies; our deeds laid bare to view, to make you laugh or cry or fizz. But who's to judge but you? 

Book 3 of 5 in the The Odds, Sods and Surprises Series of Short Stories (OsssOss).


Twenty-nine tales of you and me; here and now.

  • From the Sandpit to the Cemetery.
  • From ancient Rome to next season's skittles tournament.
  • People you know; and those you're glad you don't know.
  • Maybe those you might wish to be for a day?
  • The things they do, or that happen to them.
  • Strong-willed women and manic men mix their stuff across the world.
  • Crossing swords, or across the bed, they make you laugh or cry; gasp or sigh.
  • Whatever the scene and the situation, you're in it now, and you have to see it through.

What the previewers say
‘This writer’s women characters are great – real, crafty and winners.’
‘Really good, entertaining stories – couple of quite heart-in-mouth situations.'
‘Very funny, with such devious twists that I never saw coming.’
‘Ahh – she got her revenge, alright.’
‘This guy is even worse than my next-door neighbour.’

And the stories

  • You hear the doctors talking to the person the other side of the curtain, but you’ve no sympathy for her.
  • Why can’t you summon up the words to tell them how awful she was? After all, she’s dead. Isn’t she?
  • Surely, sweet-faced, newly-married little lass Jaimie couldn’t have done it?
  • Your father is the new Military Pro-Consul of Rome – and he does that to you?
  • You’re at the top of the Big Wheel; the wind is picking up, spinning round…
  • Fifty yards ahead in the woodland gloom, a figure lurks; do you keep jogging?
  • It’s a huge amount of money, but El Presidente is going to make you earn it.

Go You Or I

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