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Go Girl

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Go Girl: Short stories of the girls, women and ladies you yearn to be; or dread meeting. 


Book 5 of 5 in The Odds, Sods and Surprises Series of Short Stories (OsssOss)


"The best book for and about we women, girls and ladies I've ever read"

Two dozen stories with bright and courageous women in the fore; cunning and ruthless girls on the wing; and some elegantly powerful ladies outflanking you on the left. Live and laugh with them a little.

  • Cornered by drunken footballers, demanding I drink to their cup success, but I’m due to operate in an hour…
  • Another factory you are totally in control of… aren’t you?
  • Spanish market; gorgeous sunny day; queuing up for my paella lunch, and that happens!
  • New Year’s Eve at The Glitterball, and there’s Gus, Poxy and Rupert making a beeline for me…
  • The last boat has gone. The tide’s rising. The sun’s sinking. Me and this guy marooned on a sand bar…
  • On holiday in the South of France, you meet this artist, “Mmm, perfect,” you smile. But what do you have in mind?
  • The Big Boss yelled me out in front of everyone. I really don’t want to leave revenge to The Lord. So…
  • Helluva time in my life; resting by the rockpool up on the moors. What’s that, eddying round in the water?
  • Dropped from the ladies’ football team. “It was not a foul,” I insisted. But what could I do?
  • Huh; I’m her husband. Nothing she can do about it if I turn up after a couple of years and want my share…

“Loved the real comeuppance endings.”

“Gorgeous insights into the vulnerability, intelligence, determination, inner strength of the women characters – or plain sexiness sometimes. I’m hooked.”

“All so different – there’s no groove with this writer. Really looking forward to the rest of the book.”

“I thought I knew how they would end. I was wrong nearly every time – such neat twists and side-steps – brilliantly told.”

“I was so taken up with these stories. Excellent."

“The short ones – so funny. The longer ones – so absorbing.”

“My hub is pleased they keep me quiet, but when I’ve finished a story, I just have to tell him all about it.”

Go Girl

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