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The Afwican Gwey Pawwot: and other animal stories

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Book 4 of 5 of The Odds, Sods and Surprises Series of Short Stories (OsssOss)


30+ stories with a hint of fur and fangs; fins and feathers.

  • To twist your tail; comb your fur; or polish your horns.
  • Tales with a slant towards our domestic friends, and the ones we don't know as well as we thought we did?
  • Those with whiskers, snouts, claws and teeth
  • On our lap, or on a lead;
  • On a perch, or in the park;
  • In the restaurant, or in the lake;
  • Around the fairground, or deep in the cave;
  • Along the canyon, or on your plate.

The things they do…

  • I’m going to tape that bird’s beak up one of these days.
  • I wanted a dog. You bring this Freak-Ball?
  • It’s Miss Peggy Versus the Volcano – and the winner is…
  • Why do people misinterpret the most innocent things I say, hmm, Snowy?
  • Will they ever find out why the Pigs Smell So Good Today?
  • Your ancient Rite of Passage doesn’t just die away, does it?
  • Would you survive this encounter in Montoya Canyon?
  • Which one is your kind of fisherman? In A Catch Too Far? or The Hole Truth? or I could take up fishing?

What they say…
"What great little stories these are!"
"There must be a dozen different animals in these stories."
"I just loved the ones with cats... and pigs, too.”
“There’s a real mixture among these – funny, sad, surprising.”

The Afwican Gwey Pawwot: and other animal stories

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