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Roads Less Travelled

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Roads Less Travelled: 30 Short Stories of Travel, Trauma and Traffic.


Book 2 of 5: The Odds, Sods and Surprises Series of Short Series (OsssOss)


30 great stories of trials, triumphs and tragedies that will delight or horrify anyone who uses or abuses the roads and byways of the world.

  • Beware of the motorways and shopping streets, the mountain tracks and desert trails that you follow on a regular trucking route, on the way to work, or on that longed-for lifetime adventure. Drivers, passengers and pedestrians such as you and I; or the nightmare driver you never want to meet without being fully armed. Remember, anything that can go wrong, wiil go wrong - whether it's the sat-nav, the brakes or just the other guy.
  • Why was the M42 closed that day?
  • How many times will the bride have to go round again?
  • Some nights in Canada are so much colder than others, aren’t they?
  • Driving The Causeway as the tide comes in might seem risky, but…
  • What’s next on the menu at the Brass Kettle Diner, Tucson South?
  • What would your therapist tell you?
  • Will Sat-Nav Sadie take you on the full Australian tour?
  • What is it that Audrey Hepburn never did?
  • So, if you were the traffic cop that Friday afternoon, would you arrest the car?

What they say
“I’ve laughed, groaned and been shocked in equal measure.”
“I’m sitting here going, No, don’t do it! Or, Yesss, get in there. Really involving stuff.”
“So funny I was reading passages out loud to my husband.
“Absolute classics among travel stories.”
“Brilliant – such humour, justice and tragedy in everyday driving situations.”
“The characters are real men and women you might know. But the things they get up to, wow!!!”


Roads Less Travelled

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