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Diary of a Writer, 2022. Bit of a B+gger so far, this year

Isn’t there always something?

2022 has been a bit of a whatnot so far + but they all have a ++++ side…

1 Flooded bathroom. Plumbing replaced. Hot and cold taps now the wrong way round. On the . +++ side, I can feel a sci-fi story coming on somewhere there. 2 Split the back of three fingers relaying boards in the loft; oodles of blood and cusses. +++ side - learning new skill - typing left-handed. 3 My ISP provider broke down twice. The second time, they decided to upgrade the system but didn’t tell anyone, so I had four computers vainly trying to reconnect to a provider that had changed its own address. +++ There is definitely a sci-fi story there. 4 The wi-fi system collapsed in the face of that, which meant three printers went on silent strike and I had to attach a cable to one. +++ There’s another story hiding in there. 5 An injury to right foot became infected, abscessed, can’t walk far. +++ side - lots of writing getting done with feet up and a drink. 6 Choked on the drink (whiskey); “went down the wrong way”; chest infection; sitting up three nights ++ so getting more writing done. 7 And on the seventh day…

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