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Who Needs Covid?

Hi to all

Who needs Covid? Well, nobody, probably, but it has kept me indoors doing far more writing and suchlike gubbins than I would otherwise have done.

The past fortnight has been manic.

I’m now up to 25 medical appointments this year, including dentists, four hospitals, covid jabs and tests, opticians, CT scan, MRI scan, suspected stroke, operation cancelled, a different one scheduled. and still haven’t been to the coast, a party, a meal out, theatre, holiday or even the shops – see the poem Retail Fever – which is the post from a couple of weeks ago. Today could be the day.

Hectic weekend, too, dentist, hospital, invitation from Authors’ Lounge to write an article for them – California-based; new website face; schedule The Fractus Project for auto-release on eBook on 24th April – my mum’s birthday… as well as all the usual with backups, sorting out scribbled notes, final proof-reading of “Roads Less Travelled”.

Later today, with luck and Lady Larima the Lovely on my side, I’ll post a new story on here. Plus the story that’s going to the Authors’ Lounge site. That’s called “A Category Four Name”. See if you could live up to it.

As I’m finishing two books at the moment – one short stories, the other sci-fi – I thought I’d do a post with some of the quirkons I’ve made and used recently.

I see Amazon has organised pages for multi-published authors a little differently – certainly looks good now. Mine does, anyway.

Very best wishes to all – see you soon with both Covid jabs, a new left eye, and some improved teeth.

Trevor W

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