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What a day, and it's only 11.55 p.m

It's only my second whiskey, so I'm still on the right planet. Two hours on a story I'll never use - but I liked it, for being out the ordinary (way out my ordinary, anyway). And then an alternating tussle between Dr Who Online and Authors' Lounge in San Diego for my attention. They both got it, but I'm flagging.

Good news - Amazon has, in its vast wisdom, decided to promote my next SF book - The Fractus Project - presumably up to its release date on mum's birthday. That shows something on their part, though I'm not sure what.

Good news II.... er, I forgot. I'll come back to it.

Also re-reading Roads less Travelled, for the third time since getting the paperback proofs. All these tiny typos we keep missing!

Third Good news - will be visiting big bro tomorrow, for the first time in a year. Bearing the usual three gifts - why didn't Jesus receive a pack of meat pies, a pot of mucky dripping and a proof copy of Roads? And why does our Bri get a copy? Cos his photo is on the back, on the pillion seat of an AJS motorbike more than seventy years ago. I remember that photo being taken. I wrote a story about that bike, but haven't finalised the end yet -after two or three years intermittently pondering.

Good news II will come to me soon...

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