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Warphan - who wants them?

The troubling start of a sci-fi story from "Continuum" - open for pre-order on Amazon

WARPHANS I must do more. After all the sacrifices I and others have made, I cannot break faith with myself and give up now. Since losing my Donn four deccas ago, I realise I need somebody to look after. I have to keep doing my bit; help where I can. An appeal on the VT begged people to offer homes for war orphans. So I went to the emergency centre where they are housed; newly brought in from the conflict regions, wherever the fighting rages now. ‘I’ll do anything to help,’ I said. Looking into the room where they took me, ‘What the Sholl is this?’ I stared at the curling crustal shells, the triple tentacles and multiple fringe-fingers and pincers, ‘they’re Kyohs, enemy kids; the things we’re fighting in this war.’ ‘They’re still kids. Same as ours… sort of—' ‘They got flexilegs and arms! and eight fingers twice the length o’ mine! Eyes like papercuts!’ ‘You really want to help, to make a difference? Here’s your chance.’

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