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Trying times with a book title and cover

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

  • Saturday p.m., in the UK, and I fancy a rest and re-think on writing a story about a young English man in Japan struggling to write poetry to capture the heart of a young Japanese lady. So I turn to considering a cover for the book that it's intended to go into. It was to be called "Travelling Light", but that restricted the stories to the actual travelling aspect, rather than the events that happen in faraway places. So it's now to be called "Far and Away".

  • An hour thinking; an hour pondering; and hour weeding out unsuitable ideas; another hour wrestling with Adobe and Alamy (image stockists online). Another hour playing with arrangements, different planes and cars, and I'm going to rest at this stage. Until tonight, or tomorrow, when some different thought with hopefully take me under its wing, and I'll adapt or scrap this one.

  • I think it's on the right track. Time and the keyboard will tell. The pic won't have little white spots all over it when it's finished, by the way.

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