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There but for Fortune

  •  The next book in the OsssOss (Odds, Sods and Surprises Series of Short Stories) series will be out end of Sept/early Oct, largely dependent on getting the advertising organised, now I have a better idea of some of the inside secrets – especially the sheer volume of relevant keywords needed. It will be “Go You Or I”, a load of stories about people and relationships – family or strangers; drivers, walkers, or in the pub; the nice ones and the nasty ones; the schemers and the innocents (see how the advertising blurb slips off my fingertips).

  •  It’s pretty much completed, including a cover that fits, so I daren’t make any tiny corrections or other alterations to it, for fear of setting up a chain reaction of Amazon-wrecking proportions.

  •  On the cover, as I may have mentioned before, is my daughter, Mel, holding Jim the cat; and my son, Phil, down at bottom right.

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