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The Twelve Days of Crystal-Ammas


Thirty-nine highly entertaining and thought-provoking Sci-Fi stories.

The original giant-sized anthology – 450 pages in paperback; over 1000 on Kindle.

The double-sized anthology of thirty-nine stories selected from the books of the New-Classic Series of Science Fiction from the lighter side. Well, not from the darkest, grimmest recesses, anyway. Filling over 1,000 eBook pages with “The most entertaining, intriguing and varied stories in the universe”, according to eleven alien species, the Emperor Myklinn and the author’s mum.

  • If you were spying on another planet, would you do any better than Dicky and Miriam in the snappy two-pager “Air Sacs and Frilly Bits”.

  • Could you live among the laughs and lovers of “I’m a Squumaid”?

  • Or cope with the heartache of “The Twelve Days of Crystal-Ammas”?

  • In the novella-length “The Colonist”, how could anyone fault Davvy’s actions in setting up Hill Six-Four-Six with a party of Highraff refugee women and children?

  • How might you cope in class with the all-knowing “Thank you, Mellissa” and her little yellow ducks?

  • Would you be the guide for Reju Royalty when they insist on “Watching the Scurrugs”?

  • Are we truly destined for the same fate that awaits this universe in “A Little Co-operation”?

  • In “Foundling”, share the prisoner’s trauma when he is dragged from the forest swamp by a squad of vindictive troopers bent on brutal entertainment at his expense.

  • “Discovery” charts the founding of Blissen’s empire, from the sci-fi trilogy, “A Wisp of Stars”.

  • Two poems bite where it hurts – the awakening of the enigmatic “Eos”, and the terrible plasma storm that hits the “Observatory on Belvedere”.

Includes twenty-five illustrations. Eight of these stories feature in books of the New-Classic Sci-fi series.

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