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The Emperor's New Clothes

Intro to a great new SF story from the "Continuum" book of short Sc-Fi stories. Now available on Amazon.

The Emperor's New Clothes There's some secret Galactic Big-Guy passing through the Orbital Transfer Station today. He's taken over our hospitality centre with his own staff, so we’re enjoying our unexpected night off. Then one of their officials calls in the staff lounge…

'I’m looking for someone to do a small job for us this evening,' he says. ‘We need one person to join us at The Top-Rank Table at tonight's banquet. Someone’s unavailable; and we don’t like empty seats. You'll be well-paid; with food and drink thrown in – or carried in very carefully, actually.’

'Empty seats?' I say. 'So move one out.' ‘How much are you paying?' Jorky wants to know. ‘Oh, yes? Who’s not coming?’

‘The Emperor.’ He looks at me. ‘You’re about his size and build. Alright?'

Check out Trevor's latest Sci-Fi short-story collection on Amazon @

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