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LAST DAY OF EASTER GIVEAWAY - Free eBook on Kindle over Easter

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

28 brilliant short stories from the keyboard of a master writer.

No catches - just Easter goodwill.

28 brilliant short stories from the keyboard of a master writer.

  • Has Amanda truly come back to oversee her own funeral?

  • Will any of us survive when the tornado hits the giant wheel in Nottingham’s Slab Square?

  • Your father is the new Pro-Consul of Rome. So now, instead of being married off to some minor senator, he’s assigned you to which legion? as what?

  • Can we learn the LGBGT alphabet with the half-time gang at the Millwall-Spurs game?

  • Why does your dad earnestly believe that everything worthwhile was learned in the Sandpit?

  • Are you prepared to go all the way to protect your corner in the cafe-cum-charity shop?

  • Why did a brief encounter on the beach end up like this in the Duke of York?

  • In the next bed, is it really that horrible girl from school who the doctors are telling needs to have half her head removed?

28 stories of you and me, here and now, near and far.

Tales to make you laugh or cry, gasp or sigh.

“So rewarding, and totally absorbing”

“Superb stories; there’s nothing routine here.”

“This book lifted my spirit.”

“Highly entertaining. Very, very readable”

“Excellent – the so-believable characters”

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