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LAST DAY OF EASTER GIVEAWAY - Free Sci-Fi Short Stories eBook ON AMAZON "The Fractus Project"

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Twenty-plus intimate sci-fi stories from the Lighter Side of the fractal universe.

• So you have an affair with a Tangerine, but did you expect this to happen? • Morris was desperate for Fame, but this? • How can Mz Dainty pass her space pilot test amid so much chaos in the space terminal? • The convict women can choose from the group of new colonists, but what for? • Can you call the right shot when the enemy’s High Space Drifter comes barrelling towards you? • You have a choice, so why would you choose The Little One on the End?

“Five stars is high praise coming from me – but it’s well-deserved.”

“Highly recommend this one. It’s absolutely excellent.”

“A sci-fi feast… equal with anything I’ve read in the genre.”

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