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STILL MARKING the new year

STILL MARKING the new year…

- Jimsgone – the secret planet. Grandad knows its secret, but can he find it in time? Would you want to? The answers are on the blog... aren't they?

- I knocked a one-month £1 discount of all eBooks in December. Ten of them! That’s a positive fortune to save, at £2.89 each, or £14.45 for the whole Five-book New-Classic series. But it’s the last week of this offer, as I’m now getting round to 2022’s re-vamp of the Amazon advertising campaigns.

- I published the fifth of the New-Classic Sci-Fi series “Further Yet” recently’ This was partly a slip of the finger on the “Publish” button, instead of “Approve” but never mind).

- In the early part of this year, I want to get two books ahead of myself – have them in hand, so to speak. One is Sci-Fi; the other is OsssOss (The Odds, Sods and Surprises Series Of Short Stories).

- This is so I can return to my Medieval Fantasy Saga series, “Realms of Kyre”. I have begun to edit it, re-proof it, organise it into a different format of books. More of this to come...

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