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Something Twisty, Something Turny


· “Twists & Turns” was my first venture into publishing a book of non-sci-fi short stories. Out in March 21.

· I’ve mentioned it a few times on tweets (there’s room on Twitter now Donald isn’t on it at the moment).

· From Twitter, I had a note from the Authors’ Lounge.

· It was an invitation to contribute an article about “Twists and Turns” to the online magazine of a San Diego writers’ group called ReadersMagnet. I feel honoured (being from lil’ol Brinsley, England), but words like “already up to my neck in it at the moment” spring to mind.

· I don’t think this site has anything to do with the ReadersMagnet in the Philippines, which is a scam, according to the almighty Net, as they haven’t asked for any money ($600 being the Asian one’s usual fee for helping to edit and/or promote your manuscript).

· This Californian one seems to be dead straight and genuine.

· The brief for the article was 600 to 1000 words about any aspect of the book or myself, or whatever. It took a bit of doing, too – not being accustomed to writing to a word number these days, and being trapped in the usual space between heart attacks and publishing dates.

· Then began the nightmare of trying to format it in “Squirrly SEO” (The mind boggles). But it was published – watch the space at

· The article became an advert, pretty much as per their brief, with a complete story from the book, and a mention of my next non-SF book – Roads Less Travelled – out on May 4th (ironically known as Sci-Fi Day, or Star Wars Day (May the forth be with you). Also my brother’s birthday, which is why I picked on that date for publication, and gave him a proof copy – his picture as a five-year old is on the back cover, on the back of a motorbike. It’s me on the front of the bike – it’s my “Author’s Profile Pic” instead of the usual up-to-date grey-haired one.

· I remember that photo being taken – I was three, in 1947 – in the backyard of the schoolhouse where we lived (grandad was the caretaker of the school on Carlton Road, Nottm). I’ve written a story about the bike – which was my uncle’s – but I can’t get the ending right, so, it’s waiting in the wings.

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