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Romance on the Rocks

Intro to a double-crossing SF story from Continuum - out on October 6th


‘There’s one thing about Outer Space, Jess: it’s big. And it’s black. And it’s empty.’

‘That’s three things, Zeke.’ She stared at him, You’ve got that eager little face on, haven’t you? You’re after something, that’s for sure. What’s your angle this time?

There was always something with Zeke, which was why she’d only agreed to meet him in a public place.

The Phobos Bar was in the busiest orbital hub in the Solar System – the Tharsis Terminal. The view of the Acidalia Planitia, on the Martian surface, 36kk below, was spectacular for newcomers; somewhat over-enhanced as far as regulars were concerned. But pleasant enough while she’d waited for him.

Common, and brightly plaz; lit-up half the time, Zeke fitted well in the crowded bar with its multi-coloured plaz and polished chrome, gyrating lights and almost no gravity. Zeke? you wouldn’t trust him as far as you could launch him.

‘You got to be straight with me, Zeke. I warned you last time: I’ll kill ya if you screw me about again.’

‘Mmm, yes. Course.’ He reached to hold her hand. ‘Er, I forgot to mention the other thing about space – I own a piece of it, an asteroid.’

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