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Poem of the Year - Retail Fever

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I must go down to the shops again,

To the lonely shelves and the till.

And all I ask is a facial mask

And an anti-Covid pill.

I’ll calmly queue two metres apart

Around the car park – twice if I must.

I’ll wipe the trolley and wash my hands

And wipe away the gathering dust.

I’ll only buy one pack of each

Not stack my shelves with toilet rolls.

One tin of peas and one of beans,

And placidly meet the government’s goals.

Hurriedly, I’ll dash back home,

And wait until my stress abates.

Then pour a glass of new-bought wine.

‘Yes, yes,’ I’ll gloat, and unpack the crates

Of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay,

Of Sauvignon and French Merlot

And stack them high on the garage floor.

‘Oh, yes,’ I’ll smile, ‘I cleared that shelf,

and the one below.’

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