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Planning is Flexible

Planning is Flexible

· The whole idea of planning is that it’s nothing more than a thought ahead – “that which might, just possibly, maybe, come about”. Bearing that in mind makes re-working everything a dozen times seem quite reasonable.

Besides, when you’re on retirement furlough, what else do you do?


My first specific plans for books – six months ago – have morphed in appearance, and titles and contents. This was the plan, and advert, in May 2020, with Covid at his first height.

DECEMBER – almost to reality

The first four below are what the books actually turned out like – From March to June, September, and Terminal Space earlier this month.

Fractus will be out after Easter, pretty much like that, despite a dozen trials of other covers.

Further Yet miraculously changes spaceships for one that has a better visual appearance at a distance, or on a cell phone screen.

What a year this has been – Covid and all - like four holidays cancelled – not a single party, meal out, theatre visit, antique fair, and only one visit up the coast to do some fossil-hunting).

Very best wishes to everyone for Christmas and whatever comes thereafter.

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