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Reminding me from a recent post, my first 14 appointments/diary entries of 2019 were medical-related, although one was at the vet for Jasmine, our cat.

This year, the cataract assessment was my 25th medical appointment of the year.

Although there are three other appointments among them - one for a delivery of frozen fish; one because the security alarm wasn't working; and one because the tumble drier was on strike, too.

I'm now up to over forty in four months, although The Fractus Project was also on the planner for 24 April.

You struggle to believe 25 appointments on the trot? Or even on the Zimmer-frame, almost.

From Specsavers, to the GP, umbilical hernia, aortic aneurism scan, suspected stroke, four different hospitals (Nottingham City, QMC, Park, and SpaMedica in Derby), mass dentistry at the Smile Centre, with associated traumas, plus 2 Covid jabs at the doc's on Church Walk, Eastwood.

Oh, yes, it’s all happening here – ‘At least,’ I was saying the other day, ‘it gets me out the house.’

And it's better than the alternative of being in a jar on the mantelpiece.

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