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Look Back Infinity

Hi to all

Another busy month still half locked-down, still without a driveway thanks to some idiot company called Next Generation, but I have one eye now seeing properly, enabling me to spend a lot of time catching up in the garden now I‘m allowed to do heavy work – at my age, I tell you. “Further Yet”. The next sci-fi book. I’ve assembled and edited the manuscript; it’s been spell-checked, and proof-read twice. The paperback format is just about ready, uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing and is just sitting there until the great god Wenchang Wang has had chance to vet it, too.

“Go You Or I” is the next book of non-SF short stories from the OsssOss. I have finished assembling it and preparing it in the paperback format. So now it needs the editing and proof-reading to begin. Then the re-formatting for the Kindle eBook. But mostly, my mental anguish and effort for the past fifteen weeks has gone on getting the morons at Next Generation to honour their contract over my driveway. I’m leaving it to my solicitor as from today I have a load of space pictures and abstract patterns that pop up as screen wallpaper (as we do) and as screensaver. And I was playing with a couple of them one evening this week, deciding that one might make a good cover for a future book. Plus trying to think of a good title. My first thought was “Infinity is Behind You” which conjures up all kinds of images and little thoughts about a story. But two minutes of thought, and I sort-of settled on this one on the left… harking back to the 1950’s book/play “Look back in Anger” by John Osborne

The trouble now is, finding out who owns the copyright on the pattern. It’s labelled but that’s an umbrella site, and I can’t find out anything further to see if it would be possible to use it. Seems a waste of a smart cover not to. It deserves to have stories written to go beneath its glossy frontage.

The other background – at the bottom – is from DeviantArt, an artist called Mehrdadart, from Iran, I think. But he/she doesn’t answer email or internal messaging enquiries. So I won’t use that one. Not yet, anyway.

Which brings me to my new laptop – an Asus to replace my not-very-old Notatech. This one is much faster internally as well as on the keys. I type fairly quickly, but I’ve slowed the key repetition rate right down and I’m still getting repeated letters liike tthis. It’s a Gamers’ machine. Boy, but they must havve faaast fingertiips.

And for the next week or two I need to make sure I have everything backed up and better organised on my external drives. I want to keep both laptops running as parallel backups, with the big PC as the standby in the office (from my days working as a school inspector). The main advantage with the office being s p a c e; and a great view into the back garden.

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