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I'm not perfect yet

Intro to a sci-fi story from "Continuum". Discover what former prisoners of the aliens have to endure even after release.


Okay, so I’m not perfect yet. I know I need help and guidance on some matters from time to time. But, with much effort, I am improving.

Taking four large breaths, I stood in the exact centre of the inner foyer, where Eldirk, my aide, said would be ideal. He stayed by my side as I waited for my guest to arrive.

I was self-conscious in the middle of all that mirror glass and satin chrome, with so little comforting red carpet, but I did it with Eldirk’s helping hand squeezing mine twice.

‘This is he,’ Eldirk whispered. ‘Smile now.’

My baby-faced visitor recognised me, small smile and wave. He hugged me in greeting, and I stood and let him. Arms by my side, and closed my eyes and pouted my lips in reciprocation.

There. That was all correct. I had trained and practised until I had reached that standard and toleration level. I was moderately pleased that I had done it.

Eldirk leaned to me, ‘You were great. Today’s going to be such a huge step for you…’


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