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High Ho, Here we go.

Was going to leap onto Kindle Bookshelf on the internet this morning (up at 5 am) and launch a marketing campaign for my non-SF books, “Twists & Turns” and “Roads Less Travelled”.

But things get in the way – Kindle decided that the book cover I submitted yesterday was 1.2millimetres too small. This was after it had been 1.2mm too big yesterday (how fickle they can be).

It took almost two hours to fix it – Kindle have changed the template for paperback covers, and it’s not my idea of an improvement, visually speaking, although it seems too take note of changes by just a page or two, instead having sizes in blocks.

And that was after I made one typo correction in the main text during the week – it threw everything out, as though I’d added a dozen pages.

Then the description for one book on my Amazon Sales Page had reverted to plain text, and it needs re-doing in HTML or some-such, so that’s a pain in the butt.

Must also get on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn this morning… and do two, perhaps three, blogs on the website at

And it’s only just past 8 am. On a Saturday morning.

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