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· My laptop is cracking up – literally, the case has two splits in it, so I bought a new one, and want to keep both as fully working machines. So that means buying new licences for various writing and design programs, backup systems, general computer organisation programs… Boy! – the trouble that is, especially with the PC playing up recently as well (one of the main drives burned out).

· Losing all my email contacts and the email groups – took a long time to re-find and then re-organise.

· The driveway up to the house is still not fixed, and after 8 weeks of complaining, we still don’t have a date – just a promise, from Next Generation Home Improvements (Improvements???). They jest. Words like “Avoid them like the plague” spring to mind.

· My cataract operation went well – I can see, anyway. and I don’t have to self-isolate now – ten days of that before the op cramped my walks schedule. And I’m allowed to drive again.

· Still managed to get out for a short local walk – and had three photos shown by the BBC on their weather forecast in the last month – two of them shown here.


Two books published recently

1. Short stories – “Roads Less Travelled” (or “Traveled” in the original poem by Robert Frost). There are a lot of stories in it that I’m really attached to. I think it’s because of where I first wrote them – on holidays with no TV distractions in the evenings – in South and North America, camping in Europe, B&B in Lindisfarne, and so on.

2. “The Fractus Project” – sci-fi short stories, with some crackers in it – they all are, actually, but I’m too modest to say so. Originally, it was called “The Inzani Project”, but, to be honest, I liked the front cover pattern and needed a story to fit it – a fractal pattern, with an adjustment to the name.

All these “distractions” take time away from what I most enjoy doing – writing.

But then, it’s what gives some additional point to doing the writing, isn’t it?

It’s quite satisfying to see a little line of my own books on the shelf.

  • And very pleasing when I get some really complimentary reviews.

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