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Complete and Original Sci-Fi Story


‘You look fabulous,’ I said. ‘I could almost go for you myself.’ I walked round her, studying with well-practised eyes – another very attractive naked woman. I stroked the right buttock – pressed. Very nicely firm. Breasts? Yes, very pert. ‘And – just checking my dear – Yes, beautifully firm. That’s one aspect I’m working on.’ Stepping back to appraise – and, yes, to admire.

‘Okay – turn around… nice, yes, and walk to the statue over there… and turn… return… Perfect; nice, light step, hip rotation not too obvious. I’m working on that, too.’

‘Right, Revert Eleven-nine-six-two. Now.

‘Oh, yes. Smoothly done.’ She re-melded to her native form in five-point two seconds. Pretty good for a Newbie. A little shorter and fatter than the average human form, but the same overall mass, of course, even though she had two tentacle pairs for grasping, and three more pairs for locomotion. Very shiny, almost looking slimy, but that’s the natural protective cream they exude in the sunlight here. The front and rear eyes looked uncertain – perhaps for my approval. But it hardly mattered what I thought of my clients’ original species-form – perfectly suited for life on Solucan, where they live in submarine cities that stretch from the oceanic ooze to well above the stormy surface. I’ve visited a few times, familiarising myself, setting up a local office, recruiting, satisfying the increasing demand to come to the humanic planet of Aarde. Personally, I prefer their planet. The Sea-Garden Planet of Solucan, I call it.

Much nicer than the neurops’ home planet, for instance – far too dry and rocky for my liking, but they’re actually my biggest customers, in more ways than one, and good payers, too. Took a lot of work to adapt the technology to enable the neurops to become Aarde-like beings. But some are really keen to come and settle on here – in desert-fringe settlements, naturally.

‘Okay, fine, my dear. And now, reform human… Ah yes.’ I’ve been working on the speed and accuracy of reformation – at one time a few of them became stuck in halfway stages, but that was embarrassing for everyone concerned. Even after all this time on the job, I’m still improving myself and working on new methods, tweaking old ones, working on various aspects. ‘Let’s check you again.’ I inspected her once more.

Finally, I was satisfied that she could consistently re-form perfectly, into an identical human pattern at first attempt, within ten seconds. By the end of the morning session, she did it easily.

‘Try the walk again… Fine… and the smile. Lovely.

‘You want to try some other variations? Okay – longer hair… Beautiful – looks nice. No – not down there as well; not that long, anyway. Just the head.

‘I think three pairs of breasts is overdoing it just a touch. Yes, really. It might well attract the wrong kind of attention, and isn’t at all common among humans, here on Aarde. How about you try the hips slightly wider? Yes, lovely… narrower waist… Beautiful. Larger breasts… er… Maybe not quite so— No! Too much. We have too many like that on Aarde already.

‘Right… next, let’s go over the language embedment.’ That’s another area I’m working on, especially smoothing out the slightly earthy accent some Solucans seem to have. Fluency… phraseology… recognising meanings and intentions by tone of voice. And your own tones of voice in conversation. Serious, laugh, meek. ‘Oooh – too commanding.’


It took the rest of the day to go over her systems and functions. It’ll be at least one more full day checking the knowledge packs and memories are well embedded. And sex – there’ll be at least one bout of that. Often more – it can be exhausting, but I’m working on the stamina and performance aspects.

‘There’ll be plenty of chance for that later.’ I have to insist on not too much at once. ‘It depends who you choose to be, or to accompany, or if you want to be semi-independent.’

I have to keep some check and monitoring on them throughout the whole beginning of the introductory phase here. They need to experience sex at least once before being allowed out. The Solucans can’t cross-reproduce – not humanic-looking offspring, anyway. But I’m working on that.

And their contracts… Ten years seems a long time to have on-going support, but that’s the idea, for them to be really accustomed to life on Aarde, thoroughly embedded, naturalised. Then when their contract is up, they can choose to revert to their natural form, and continue their present lives, but as Solucans. Or simply carry on as they are, living as apparently full humans. Whether staying on Aarde or returning to Solucan, they’ll have the choice; or they can even come in for a self-redesign, completely new shape. But that’s something to face in the future, I’ve only been doing this for seven years. I tell you, I need a rest.

I imagine that Aarde is going to be mildly surprised when the first tranche of Solucans appears among the population, and the native humans find they’ve been playing host to around a thousand wonderfully-integrated alien ladies.

What the general intention is among the Solucans, I really don’t know; I’ve been working on gathering some consumer feedback before the first contracts are up, see how many are thinking of retaining their human form or reverting to Solucan. Or a fluid combination could work, I expect, especially as their tentacles really are very smart.

With only three years to go before any members of the first group can reveal themselves, perhaps I ought to be working on finding out what they might need thereafter – guidance, reassurance, sex – Solucan-style – or an occasional evening reminiscing about the tides and currents of home.

But yes, it could be very interesting in three years’ time. As one of the very first featherines, from Avianna, I’ve trained myself in all the human foibles and habits, from picking my nose to scratching my balls, I might even “come out” myself.

Now that would cause a bit of a flap.

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