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Subscribers and Passers-by... Hi

It’s been a super-busy month – what with Covid bother, a couple of writers’ clubs I belong to, trying to increase our membership after several members didn’t survive the past year. Falling by the wayside trying to master Amazon’s recent changes in how to advertise online. It's called A+ Content, and it's causing no end of confusion in the ranks of independent writers. I suppose being suspended by Twitter for something or other also cramped my style, and took up some time trying to clear up some misidentification.

I started two advertising campaigns on Amazon last month, for non-sci-fi short-story books - "Twists & Turns" and "Roads Less Travelled". I studied the results after two weeks, and was a) disappointed, and b) confused – so many keywords, it was impossible to sort out which was having the desired effect, and which were the dummies. So I did some research (See webinars by Dave Chesson), then expanded the campaigns, and split them into five separate “campaigns” for each book. It makes them much more manageable. I hope. We'll see next week.

Sorting out the advertising problems took ages, which accounts for some delay in publishing the next two books – one being Sci-Fi – “Further Yet”; and the other will be non SF – “Go You Or I”. Not SF, but brill, anyway.

Lucky or What? One recent story Sci-fi was prompted by a programme on the telly about WW2, particularly life in the Warsaw ghetto after the German invasion. It’s very short, but my local writers’ group enjoyed it, and didn’t suggest much of an alteration to anything. Hope you enjoy “Lucky or What?” - to be posted asap. And then? Who knows? Destined to go into a future book? You'll have had a preview.

Plan B. Just posted is another new Sci-Fi story from “The Fractus Project”, called “Plan B”. It was inspired during a walk along local footpaths around the village, when I saw a farmer harrowing a field, really close to the hedge where the weeds were growing high after years of neglect along that strip. He obviously uncovered something that was part-buried. From our distance it looked to be metallic and rounded. He was off his tractor (as the saying goes) poking at it. We imagine it wasn’t a WW2 bomb, or we’d have heard it, or about it. But it’s something entirely different in my story…

Plenty more stories posted. Hope you enjoy the recent stories, and will look for more on the website. There are five from "The Fractus Project" already, (well, three complete ones, and two first-halves) on there from The Fractus Project. Plus around twenty from my other books.

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