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At the Glitterball

NEW YEAR’S EVE ‘Yoah! New Year again, and we’re all bursting with it! Back here at the Glitterball like always.’ Always being the last four years.

‘It only became a tradition,’ I told Poxy, ‘because we had one great night here with that Freakout Band and Thingy Mopper the DJ. We decided it had been too good a do not to come back for a repeat, so we called it a tradition, eh? Then everybody’ll feel obliged to come.’

So Poxy’s coming to sit with me, eyes flashing over my neckline again. Fat chance. And Rupert’s making a dash for me, as well. He needn’t bother, either. But we were all getting sat down with the start-up round of drinks, and it was heading for being another great night…

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