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Another day. In mid May. Feeling grey. Little to say...


Mind wandering, as it often does these days. I’m thinking forward to a pair of poetry books – splitting up the single one I was planning, called Worlds of Wonder (The WoW! Book of Poetry). That’s as far as my pondering goes. The reasoning is that poetry sometimes has long lines, and they don’t fit on a normal page in a readable print size. So poetry books can often be printed on wide-format pages – like square, or rectangular, wider than high (landscape instead of portrait). Like a lot of early-reader children’s books (printed sideways because of the larger font size).

And they don’t look too good if they’re thick as well as wide; and they cost too much, as well.

So two thin ones seems likely.

Shall have to consider the contents and come up with two covers instead of the one I already did and like.

The poems are good (prize/competition-winning in some cases), so keep an eye out, hmm?

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