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All for a Baseball Cap

 Exciting stuff (waking up is exciting at my age, as well as a relief) – expecting delivery of my new baseball cap. “What a **** nerd” I hear. But I designed the logo – for New-Classic Sci-Fi, for the Zero 9-4 book. So keen to see how it worked out.  I approached a company that makes banners, but it doesn’t do them to order at 2 metres by 1, so I found a roll-up one instead – the sort that you pull up from a roller-base on the floor. And they’re only £23. Might order two – one for the New Classic SF Series, and one for the Odds, Sods and Surprises Series. Might do the baseball caps in a different shade and lettering, too.  And had an email to say another company (the first one let me down) could do personalised mugs very reasonably, especially for multiple-item orders. Looking forward to seeing a set of mugs with my books displayed on them.  And the baseball cap just arrived – judge for yourself.  All I need now is a book fair to attend.

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