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Aiming High for this Year?

My writing goals for this year? LinkedIn, and Nottingham Writers asked.

1. Survive the year, retaining full control of all bodily and mental functions. This is an increasing challenge, with someone called Sen. Ility on my side.

2. Finish two short story books – and publish at least one, starting with “Go Girl”.

3. Complete two Sci-Fi short-story books – and publish at least one. This will be “Continuum”.

4. Work on the Fantasy novel I started 20 years ago, “Realms of Kyre”. And publish at least the first two of the series. As it took such a long time, on and off, it’s now very long – around two million words – a series of about 18 books.

But… the first two are completed, and going through proof-reading. And I’m playing with covers – One I paid for and am disappointed with; and the other I’m creating myself, using internet images, free or paid-for.

I have just re-read, and done synopses for, the next four. These come to a time and place that could see an end to it all. But could equally well continue – we’ll see.

It would take at least a month solid on each, plus formatting, covers and the rest. Say three or four months each, depending mostly on distractions like eating, sleeping…

6. Think about collecting all my poems under one banner / book.

7. Have another look at a Sci-Fi Saga I also began around 20 years back, called, “A Wisp of Stars”. It is pretty solidly written, or sketched-out. But it’s a long series.

That lot should keep me off the streets.

I need to live another twenty years, minimum.

Ciao – Trevor Watts

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