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After 59.5 years, I write about this day, with scarcely the slightest twist, to protect the guilty.


  • - Friday, 20th July, 1962. The day I left school (as a pupil - I did another 50+ years the other side of the blackboard) - I went to the (English) Lake District on my own, with a tent for company. Three trains overnight, and Saturday morning I arrived in Keswick, faced with a long walk carrying a holdall, kitbag and rucksack.

  • - Three weeks intended stay, very little money; on my own for the first time ever; armed with an OS 1" map; pouring with rain. And that first day left such an indelible mark on me.

  • - I'm up to 3,000 words on the story now.. It's almost done - needs polishing.. As I write, I'm re-living that day, with a twist, as they say. But as back-scenes go, this one was so real at the time, and it's back with me. Roll on 20th July 2022, when I can have a drink to my first big adventure away from home.

  • - It won't be out in print until later this year - maybe on the anniversary.; or I'll blog-post it then. It's amazing how well I recall so much detail and impression from back then. I imagine we all all have days like that.

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