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3 x 3-minute terrific tales from "Go You Or I" - today released from Quarantine by Amazon.

Kept under lock and key by the Censors in Amazon Marketing for over two weeks whilst release conditions were negotiated. Now cleared of all charges of being Profane (= Blasphemous = swearing = Oooops). The Title is now free to have its non-wicked way with the world.

Ultimately, somebody seems not to have adored the words "Odds and Sods" being included in the advertising subtitle. That's the name of the series that "Go You Or I" is part of - The Odds, Sods and Surprises Series of Short Stories (OsssOss).

Even more ultimately, I might need to alter the name of the series to "Odds, Sobs and Surprises" - "Stories to make you laugh, cry or shiver"

Read three complete stories NOW on the Blog; or all twenty of them free on Kindle Unlimited. Everso cheap on eBook; or mere loose change in Paperback on Amazon.

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