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The Fractus Project

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Book 4 of 6: New-Classic Sci-Fi Short Stories


Twenty-plus intimate sci-fi stories from the heights and depths of the fractal universe.

  • The stories you’ve dreamed of; the people you crave to meet; or would love to be. The aliens who’d make you shiver, or laugh. The huge risks of guiding your spacecraft here, or there. The adventures you’d have if only you had the nerve… Or the utter romance of doing that…
  • The lighter side; the humour of orbital disasters and alien conflicts; the perils of ill-advised time-interference; the sheer romance of null-gravity love; the terrors of a leaky hull; the fear of a bullying boss when you’re a thousand light years beyond.; the choices you face in the big, black Vac.
  • Mostly a laugh or a satisfied smile; or maybe a “Yes, get in there”.

As the Lumine Excessor elders brightly beamed at the Interstellar Fair 9898, “Laugh with them, cheer them on, or shed a lacrima, these stories are even more brilliant than us.”

  • So you have an affair with a Tangerine, but did you expect this to happen?
  • Morris was desperate for Fame, but this?
  • How can Mz Dainty possibly pass her space pilot driving test in the midst of so much chaos in the space terminal at rush hour?
  • If Jerry had realised that winning the world's largest-ever Modrigell competition involved attending the presentation in Central City, he would never have planted that seed.
  • Will Sayida’s radical change to the Fractus Project resurrect the near extinct human race?
  • The two elderly convict women can choose from the group of new colonists, but what do they base their choices on? And what for?
  • You have three minutes. Can you call the right shot when the enemy’s High Space Drifter comes barrelling towards you?
  • You have a choice; after all, you’re the new Queen. Why would you choose The Little One on the End?
  • The members of The Jolly Small Club don’t always get on spiffingly well together. But when it comes to the new member…

    “Highly recommend this one. ***** t’s absolutely excellent.”
    "A sci-fi feast… equal with anything I’ve read in the genre.”
    “So funny, and some real heart-stoppers, too."
    "Five stars is high praise coming from me – but it’s well-deserved.”
    “Great entertainment… a refreshing change.”
    “What an eye-opener; the book, and the author.”


The Fractus Project

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