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Orbital Spam

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Book 2 of 6: New-Classic Sci-Fi Short Stories


  • The stories you’ve dreamed of; the people you crave to meet; or would love to be. The aliens who’d make you shiver, or laugh. The huge risks of guiding your spacecraft here, or there. The adventures you’d have if only you had the nerve… Or the utter romance of doing that…
  • The humour of orbital disasters and alien conflicts; the perils of ill-advised time-interference; the sheer romance of null-gravity love; the terrors of a leaky hull; the fear of a bullying boss when you’re a thousand light years beyond.; the choices you face in the big, black Vac.
  • Mostly a laugh or a satisfied smile; or maybe a “Yes, get in there”.
  • More from the lighter, laughing side than the dark-dungeoned depths; but they’re all here somewhere.
  • From crackling two-pagers where someone hasn’t quite read the situation right, to fifty-plus sides chronicling what you really have to do if you want to survive.


High Commissioner Duże Usta of the Xaatan Federation described this book as the “Greatest-ever step forward for
humanity” during his welcoming speech at the Galactic Peace Conference.
He recommended it as the “The most entertaining read I’ve had in seven millennia.”

The stories range far and when

  • You realise that you’ve been dumped in the orbital spam folder, so what do you do about it, before the whole orbit is deleted?
  • Is there anything you can do when the Great Pondkeeper up in the sky decides to call time?
  • What is it that’s Come Again on the agricultural planet of Kalėdas, just when the seasonal workers and left-over troops are readying themselves to leave?
  • If you receive the Prasap1 call, totally out the vac, are you going to answer it?
  • While concreting the base within the single-brick-high walls of the new house, what are you going to do when a trail of disembodied footprints determinedly heads straight for you across the wet surface in Self-Levelling?

From the laughs of "Puppetmaster" and "To Somercotes and Beyond", to the poignant stories of "What it Takes", and "Zydd".
These 20+ brilliant tales will alter your view of the future that awaits, whether Out There, or here on Earth.


  • Into the Arena, adapted from the fantasy trilogy, Realms of Kyre;
  • one poem: the beautiful, mysterious and stranded Mirador;
  • illustrations to brighten any boring wait at the space-port, or leisurely evening in orbit.

Orbital Spam

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