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Of Other Times and Spaces

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The Giant Anthology of thirty-nine highly entertaining and thought-provoking Sci-Fi stories.

  • More from the lighter, laughing side than the dark-dungeoned depths; but they’re all here somewhere, from a satisfied smile; or shed a tear.
  • Maybe a “Yes! Get in there”. Or catch your breath at the trials that some have to face.
  • Tales of here and now, wondering what’s among us; or what awaits us amid the distant futures and far-strewn arms of the galaxy.
  • The stories you’ve dreamed of; the people you crave to meet; or would love to be.
  • The aliens who’ll make you shiver, or laugh.
  • The huge risks of guiding your spacecraft here, or there.
  • The adventures you’d have if only you had the nerve…
  • Or the utter romance of doing that… and in null-grav, too
  • The humour of orbital disasters and alien conflicts; the perils of ill-advised time-interference.
  • The terrors of a leaky hull; the fear of a bullying boss when you’re a thousand light years beyond.
  • The choices you face in the big, black Vac.

“The best and most varied stories in the universe”, according to eleven alien species and the author’s mum. this is Sci-Fi to beat the rest.

  • From snappy three-pagers such as “Air Sacs and Frilly Bits”, and “On the Seventh’s Day”.
  • From the laughs of “I’m a Squumaid” to the vengeance of “Cats, Cucumbers and Cabba-gunkins”.
  • Would you survive “Friday Night in Somercotes”?
  • Dare you go to watch the Scurrugs on the planet Peris, fighting anything and everything at night?
  • Think you wouldn’t shed a tear for the spacewreck survivors in “The Twelve Days of Crystal-Ammas”?
  • How might you contend with an encounter “Of the 4th Kind”?
  • Would you wield the hammer and chisel if you met the “Face in the Rock”?
  • How would you cope with “A Woman on my Mind”?
  • Could you keep ahead of “Melissa and her flock of little yellow ducks?


  • two Sci Fi poems that bite where it hurts;
  • twenty-five illustrations to brighten your orbit;
  • several stories chosen from the New-Classic Sci-Fi series;
  • three novellas
    • “Kyre”, from the fantasy trilogy, “Realms of Kyre”.
    • “Discovery”, from the sci-fi trilogy, “A Wisp of Stars”.
    • “The Colonist”.

What they say

  • “I was riveted to this”
    “Highly entertaining and thought-provoking”
    “I made my husband buy his own copy.”
    “Equal with anything I’ve ever read in the genre”

Of Other Times and Spaces

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