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Further Yet

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Book 5 of 6: New-Classic Sci-Fi Short Stories

Stories from seventeen corners of the space-time continuum, and Further Yet.

  • More from the lighter, laughing side than the dark-dungeoned depths; but they’re all here somewhere.
  • From crackling two-pagers where someone hasn’t quite read the situation right, to sixty-plus sides chronicling what you really have to do if you want to survive on this planet.
  • The stories you’ve dreamed of; the people you crave to meet; or would love to be. The aliens who’d make you shiver, or laugh. The huge risks of guiding your spacecraft here, or there. The adventures you’d have if only you had the nerve… Or the utter romance of doing that…
  • The lighter side; the humour of orbital disasters and alien conflicts; the perils of ill-advised time-interference; the sheer romance of null-gravity love; the terrors of a leaky hull; the fear of a bullying boss when you’re a thousand light years beyond.; the choices you face in the big, black Vac.
  • Mostly a laugh or a satisfied smile; or maybe a “Yes, get in there”.


And so much in between…

  • That one time, you looked into the Vondur'Eye. Now, can you survive the inquisition about what you saw? Or face the terrible consequences if you speak of it?
  • You’re scalped in a flier crash, then trek a thousand miles through volcano country, and the folk you’re rescuing just call you Scabby?
  • One mis-diagnosis, years ago, on another planet, and it still follows you around the galaxy.
  • As a newly formed and qualified Shimmer Being, without form, how can you intervene in the impending battle on the beach?
  • Why has Freedy brought a Coupla Yumans to the All-Species Vets?
  • There are times when you really should be more careful who you treat like that, aren’t there? Like in the after-hold of the space freighter Tekan Kana?
  • Small-scale mining on a fast-spinning asteroid, are you and the surveyor hearing the same things when something higher comes visiting?
  • Everyone needs control of their environs and their workforce, don’t they? It’s merely a matter of how you do it.
  • The galaxy’s greatest criminal is headed your way; and you owe him. There can only be one ending. Unless…

Reviewers and Previewers

  • “I was completely absorbed in some of these situations – the atmosphere and the so-believable characters – the messes they find themselves in – or twist out of.”
  • “My wife loved a couple with real “comeuppance” endings.”
  • “Surprised I was so taken up with this style of humour and setting – Excellent.”
  • “Fascinating peeks into very possible futures and equally likely presents.”
  • “5* because it’s basically the best sci-fi I’ve read for years.”
  • “These stories – throughout the three books I’ve read to date – set a new standard in Sci-Fi. I’d say they were ultra-modern, but they’re in the mode of the Masters – which I see a couple of other reviewers have rightly called Trevor Watts – master storyteller.”
  • “These superb stories have brightened many an evening lately. They could be the future of SF – New Classics, indeed."
  • “This writer captures the mood and the characters perfectly, in such different situations.”

Further Yet

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