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You're ready for the beach, but what about the evenings? Some Sci-Fi to read?

Read them all free on Kindle Unlimited - Over 50,000 pages read last month, so it can't be too bad (since I time-looped a few extra reviews).

Download the eBook for your eternal pleasure

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Twenty stories from the lighter side of the unknown future, and the unsuspected here-and-now.

  • Dare you immerse yourself in the laughs and trials to come? It isn’t easy being a Hero.

  • Are you prepared to join the war of the alien genders in Kjid?

  • Could Rigged and Ready be the real vision of the future?

  • If the aliens are already among us, do they sneak in, as this one does in Betty? Or do they live in their own unsuspected realms, as in Kalai Alaa. Or will they just come visiting one Friday Night in Somercotes?

  • What really happened that time in Brinsley, when his wife said Go for a walk, Oscar, Dear?

  • Could humanity truly end like this, in They call the Wind Pariah? Or might we perish in the way of Cleanup?

  • Or is our fate in the hands of the scientists who believe the formula for space-time manipulation is Zero 9-4?

What they say

“Plenty of humour, lots to think about, and even more to look over your shoulder and wonder about.”

  • “Loved the sheer variety on offer.”

  • “A great book of short stories to delight any sci-fi reader’s palette.”

  • “20 stories – loved every one.”

  • “Bursting with engaging and believable characters… and bone-tingling ‘Oh my God’ moments.”

  • “Go on, give yourself a treat.”

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