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Realms of Kyre The Epic Fantasy Series

BOOK 1: FOUNDLING • Discovered in a remote forest swamp, the tall, powerfully-built stranger is badly injured and has no memory. • Named Kyre, he is forced to fight for his life against the army patrols that found him, and then in the arena. • As his skills grow and his injuries heal, so his extreme speed and violence become valued by the troopers’ captain and a young woman member of a clandestine sisterhood, the Rua. • Believing him to be from The Pit – or the stars – they, and the realm lord, conspire with and against each other to use him in their own intrigues and killings. • But, as their schemes start to unravel in the face of unforeseen realm-wide events, so Kyre’s mind and memory are expanding, and thoughts of his own destiny begin to take shape. • The Realm of the Lordlands will never be the same again…

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