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Realms of Kyre

Realms of Kyre - Medieval Fantasy Saga - Book 1 - Foundling

  • I spotted a picture of a caped figure with a sword recently, and thought it might be perfect as my main character; and as front cover. I’ve approached the online artist, but with no reply. I played with the picture, inserted a dragon and a castle, title and name, playing with some fonts – and it’s amazing! It looks real! It feels as though I have something solid to work towards now – like filling the space behind that cover.

  • Still no response from the original artist

  • So I approached a cover artist to do me a similar bespoke job. All agreed – price and time

  • Nothing happened – recontact – “No longer available for contact” is the message from Fiverr.

  • So trying again…

  • And hoping that’ll be Book 1 ready before Easter. It looks like being 110,000 words; 400+ pages. About double the lengths of the New-Classic short-stories books. Twice as thick.

  • Now undergoing its final proofing (he says hopefully).

  • Book 2 should follow before the summer. With the rest of the series trailing along as time permits, and readers’ interest encourages.

  • If you like – or don’t like – the blog stories, let me know. Not just a “yeuk” – say why, hmm?

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