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Must ask Number One Son

Must ask Number One son – (You won’t remember Charlie Chan on the telly in the fifties? Chinese/American detective in Honolulu, Hawaii?) – about diversifying my website. He (Phil, not Charlie Chan and No. 1 Son) knows these things, being a full-time computer wizard and web design thingy-er.

Why would I think of diversifying? Because I recently published my first non-SF short story book, and have another in the offing, so this site is no longer purely sci-fi.

In the past I've had loads of articles published about volcanoes - mostly laugh-a-minute accounts of climbing them slowly and rolling down them an hour or two later in an eruptive panic (only twice, actually).

And four or five articles about dinosaur footprints - you'd be surprised at the number - of long-preserved footprints to be found in the rocks along the Yorkshire coast; and the number of people who are interested in such fossils and the Jurassic Coast of Northern England.

So... Could I easily add a page, or section, to my site to accommodate people who are interested, and lure them into noticing my fiction offerings?

I'll ask him at the weekend, when he turns up for his Sunday dinner.

The answer is almost certainly a resounding NO. He threatens to change the password and not tell me the new one if I keep interfering with his designs. Temperamental, these artists of the keyboard. You'll find him at by the way. So I’ll have to assemble the pages, tell him what I want, and turn my back for five minutes while his fingers do the dancing and his lips do the muttering.

Watch this space for anything to do with volcanoes or dinosaurs.

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