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The Vyton

“The what?” You say.

Well, this story (and book) title came about like this…

I was playing on the keyboard looking for a catchy title for a sci-fi book with twenty+ short stories. Tapping K and Y and V and other letter combinations that sound Sci-Fi-ish.

After five minutes, I chanced upon “Vyton”.

I Googled it to see if had any meaning.

Sure enough. Vyton is a district in Prague, Czech Republic.

In past centuries it was a major Customs Point along the River Vlitava in the times of the Hanseatic League. It dominated Central European trade in an ungenerous, self-serving manner.

Coincidentally, we had visited Prague a few weeks earlier, so I felt some attachment to the place and the name.

With that as the inspiration, I created a speculative interplanetary space story of around twenty pages, along the lines of the domineering River Tax Officials. But a million years ahead in time; and millions light years away in distance. The oppressive Customs and Entry officials who don’t allow the Humanic Federation to trade within the Vyton Empire, unless they pay exorbitant levels of transit tax.

Bad move.

That’s the way to do the writing process backwards, I think.

THE VYTON - with a bit of luck, this Sci-Fi book will be out next year,

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