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Continuum - Title story from the new SF book


‘Kenni, I’ve just received confirmation over the inset. Our comrades arrive today.’

Syrah turned and wraithed across the space, twirling a pair of ethereal tendrils and reforming them as temporary Earth-style arms-cum-wings while she engaged in an energy-absorption spread in the sun.

‘We’re sure our proposals are viable? And we’re ready to firm them up into definite plans?’

‘Three years in the planning, Syrah. Yes, we have this planet sized up. This is no time to panic or have doubts.’

‘It will be good to have other Fantasmas to speak with, join with. No disrespect, Kenni, but it will refresh my cloudellas to vary my circle of acquaintances. We must both be tired of exchanging each other’s peritoids so often.’

‘Indeed. Shall we meet them here?’ She cast a vision ceptor around the glorious snow-capped mountain peak that they most commonly frequented. ‘Or one of the empty cathedrals we’ve been looking at? Or a temple?’

‘Mmm. That could be quite appropriate, in view of our suggestions for this planet.’

‘I so look forward to hearing all the gossip about Wraitheen: they may have news of my own wisplets, and how things are in Nuanca.’

‘I don’t imagine they’ve had the trials and tribulations we’ve endured these past years.’

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