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CONTINUUM - latest book in the New-Classic Sci-Fi series of short stories - is out this week

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

“The best science fiction I’ve read for years.”

“These superb stories set a new standard in Sci-Fi.” “The subtle twists and nuances of some stories are real smile-raisers; others are good for a belly-laugh; and others for a long moment of reflection.” “All so different – there’s no groove with this writer.” “Some darker moments and characters, but definitely from the Lighter Side.”

Twenty insider stories from the far corners of the time-space continuum

  • When the gods coming visiting, are we included on their agenda? Or their menu?

  • The ship has suffered a massive structural failure – a Breach: Level Two. Do you still have a future?

  • The Galactic Emperor is passing through your hospitality lounge. “Please,’ they ask, ‘stand in for him at tonight’s banquet.” But why?

  • In his brutal suppression of a city rebellion, the Lord of Tyre has one last matter to deal with.

  • After all the trauma and mistreatment I endured in the alien prison camp, why can’t people see that I’m not perfectly rehabilitated yet?

  • Only just started the shift, drilling deep underground in Hades Mine. Bossman appears; “Leave it. Got another job for you today. Big one.”

  • Prisoner 804 has visitors with an invitation, but there’s no way he’s leaving this place; not until he’s really ready.

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