Trevor Watts

Author of:

-  The New-Classic series of Science Fiction short stories from the lighter side.

 - The Odds, Sods and Surprises series of Short Stories (The OsssOss Books).

- The Worlds of Wonder Book of Poetry.

- Many reader-friendly books and articles, about volcanoes around the world (see "Deposits" magazine online).

- Magazine and Journal articles on the subject of dinosaur footprints on Yorkshire’s Jurassic coast (Also recently in "Deposits" geology magazine.)

Trevor lives in Brinsley, Nottinghamshire, UK. His short stories and poems have frequently won prizes, and he has appeared on television discussing local matters.

Educated at Old Basford Primary and Nottingham High Pavement Schools, he gained a degree and teaching Certificate at Hull University.

He spent fourteen years at the classroom chalkface; sixteen as headteacher of a special school; and sixteen as an Ofsted school inspector to round it off. His teacher wife now jokes that it’s “Sleeping with the Enemy”.

In the 1970's he was awarded a Master's Degree at Nottingham University.

His Ph.D. research in the 1980's pioneered the use of computers in the education of children with profound learning difficulties.

Now retired, he writes, curses his computers, walks the local fields, woods and footpaths, and loves his wife, the cat and his kids.


The stories so far...

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Trevor Watts


"Of Other Times and Spaces"

"Zero 9-4"

"Orbital Spam"

"Terminal Space"

"The Fractus Project"

"Further Yet"

"Continuum" - due in 2022

"Look Back Infinity" due in 2022


"Twists & Turns"

"Roads Less Travelled"

"Go You Or I"

"The Afwican Gwey Pawwot"


"The WoW! Book of Poems" (Worlds of Wonder)

Due out in 2022


email to t.watts3@ntlworld.com


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Trevor W


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new eBook cover Other Times Border.jpg

Of Other Times and Spaces

The Double-sized Anthology

of 39 Sci Fi stories from the Lighter Side



“Absolutely excellent, equal with anything I have read in the genre, including all the old masters when I was a kid.”

“Great entertainment and good stories from start to finish.”

“A sci-fi feast  – I highly recommend it."


If you were spying on another planet, would you do any better than Dicky and Miriam in the snappy two-pager “Air Sacs and Frilly Bits”.

Could you live among the laughs and lovers of “I’m a Squumaid”? Or cope with the heartache of “The Twelve Days of Crystal-Ammas”?


In the novella-length “The Colonist”, how could anyone fault Davvy’s actions in setting up Hill Six-Four-Six with a party of Highraff refugee women and children?

How might you cope in class with the all-knowing “Thank you, Mellissa” and her little yellow ducks?  Would you be the guide for Reju Royalty when they insist on “Watching the Scurrugs”? Are we truly destined for the same fate that awaits this universe in “A Little Co-operation”? 

According to eleven alien species, the Galactic Emperor Kaisak, and the author’s mum, these are the brightest and most varied stories in the universe. With 19 illustrations and two poems to boost your orbit, this is Sci-Fi at its most original

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ZERO 9-4

Book 1

In The New-Classic Series

Of Sci-Fi from the Lighter Side



“Loved the sheer variety on offer”

“A great book of short stories to delight any sci-fi reader's palette”

“Go on, give yourself treat!”


Does Cleanup foretell the future of humanity? Or is it in the hands of the scientists who believe the key to space-time manipulation is Zero 9-4? Is They Call the Wind Pariah a premonition of our fate in the grip of the Corona virus?

Are the aliens already among us in Betty? Or in the fire pit of Kalai Alaa? Do they come on a Friday Night in Somercotes?

 Dare you immerse yourself in the laughs and trials to come in It isn’t easy being a Hero, or Holes aren’t my Thing? Are you prepared to join the war of the alien genders in Kjid, or Typical Man?

These twenty-one tales from the lighter and darker sides, illuminated by fourteen quirky illustrations, are predicted to be voted the funniest and most thought-provoking in The Spiral Arm (the famous pub and restaurant on Ganymede) at the 2044 annual all-species barbecue.

Find out more - read the 5* reviews on Amazon - or buy the eBook or paperback

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eBook Orbital Spam Cover with New-Classi


Book 2
In The New-Classic Series
Of Sci-Fi from the Lighter Side



“A great selection”

“A heads up on this third one I’ve read by this author”

“My kind of real characters – I get their humour and dilemmas and problems and solutions – or failures, sometimes.”


What would you do if you suspect your ship’s been dumped in the Orbital Spam folder?


Is there anything you can you do when the Great Pondkeeper up in the sky decides to call time? Or when a trail of disembodied footprints heads straight for you across the wet concrete in Self-Levelling, how do you respond?


Would you answer the Prasap1 call?


From the laughs of To Somercotes and Beyond to the poignancy of What it Takes, these 20+ tales will alter your view of the future. The illustrations will brighten a boring wait at the space-port, or leisurely evening in orbit. Plus one poem: the beautiful, mysterious and stranded child – Mirador.


During his welcoming speech at the Xaatan Peace Conference, Duże Usta, the Galactic High Commissioner described this book as, “The most entertaining read I’ve had in seven millennia… a great step forward for humanity."

Find out more, and Buy the eBook or Paperback

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Terminal for WIX.jpg

Terminal Space

Book 3

In the New-Classic Series

OUT NOW   -   Dec 2020



“I was completely absorbed in some of these situations – the atmosphere and the so-believable characters – the messes they find themselves in – or twist out of. My wife loved a couple of stories with real “comeuppance” endings.”

“Surprised I was so taken up with these stories – Excellent."

“Fascinating peeks into very possible futures and equally likely presents.”

“5* because it’s basically the best sci-fi I’ve read for years.”


Sci-Fi stories from the here and now, wondering what’s hiding among us; to the far-strewn arms of the galaxy where humans exist no more.

When Prisoner 296 is sent to carry out repairs in the Khuk spaceport’s entrance tunnel at rush hour, will he find out why it’s known as The Terminal Space?

What are her ex’s chances, when she spots him in the queues that she is dealing with?

What on Earth can the alien do when he’s stuck in traffic and going to miss his spaceship home?

Could it be you who writes the heartfelt plea to Agony Aunt, Maar’juh’rih Ghruughs?

When it comes to that vital First Contact moment, would you have a better plan than Polly, in the SS Stella Nova?

If it depended on you, would there Always be an England?

Is it a bird? Is it a bat? Or is it an alien that’s taken up residence at Lake N’kara, right  in the teeth of the rebels’ uprising?

As Princess Porkyu said at the Cygnus Arms in 2929, “Laugh or catch your breath; shed a tear or cheer them on, you’ll soar to the stars with these souls of the universe.”

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Fractus for WIX.jpg

The Fractus Project

Twenty-plus intimate sci-fi stories from the heights and depths of the fractal universe


“Highly recommend this one. It’s absolutely excellent.”

“A sci-fi feast… equal with anything I’ve read in the genre.”

“So funny, and some real heart-stoppers, too.’

“Great entertainment… a refreshing change.”

“What an eye-opener; the book, and the author.”  

So you have an affair with a Tangerine, but did you expect this to happen?

Morris was desperate for Fame, but this?

How can Mz Dainty possibly pass her space pilot driving test in the midst of so much chaos in the space terminal at rush hour?

Will Sayida’s radical change to the Fractus Project resurrect the near extinct human race?

You have three minutes. Can you call the right shot when the enemy’s High Space Drifter comes barrelling towards you?

The members of The Jolly Small Club don’t always get on spiffingly well together. But when it comes to the new member…               


Further for WIX.jpg

Further Yet

Two superb novelettes, and seventeen other Sci-fi stories to dive into, splash around, and come up laughing, crying or sighing. From a one-minute gasper to a forty-minute show-stopper, there’s a story here for everyone – powerful women, tough men, aliens who know the ropes, and kids who think they do. They’re all here.

“I’ve laughed out loud at some of these – and that’s something I just don’t do.”

“Great little stories – and the two long ones really gripped me.”

“Truly excellent – five stars of anybody’s money.”

“This writer captures the mood and the characters perfectly, in such different situations.”

“I’m well into sci-fi already – now I’m hooked on Trevor Watts.”

Why have they brought a Coupla Yumans here? to the All-Species Vets?

The galaxy’s greatest criminal has been released under the Amnesty for Union; so what happens now?

Facing interrogation by The Governa, will you tell what you know of Vondur’Eye, regardless of the consequences?

It’s coming, shimmering along the beach… but what is it?

How many nights like this could you survive? Any?

There are places and occasions when you really should be more careful who you choose to treat like that, aren’t there?

Of Twists and Turns.jpg

Of Twists & Turns

OUT NOW – 36 (non-Sci-Fi) stories from here, there and everywhere

“Superb stories.”

“Very, very readable… This book lifted my spirit.”

“Such different situations, characters and moods.”

“Compelling gems – whether light, funny or sombre,

they are totally absorbing.”

“There’s nothing routine here.”

“A craftsman with words and emotions.”


Could you live up to a Category Four Name?

The Prim Reaper? Who are you kidding?

No! Not my Mirror!

Can she face the ultimate question in Quiz Night?

Do you throw people around in glass houses? Or come to the Yuli Accord?

Baksheesh Bill can save the life of the enemy fighter pilot, but will he?

Suppose you had such a Beautiful Pair?

sat 1 snip small.JPG


Thirty terrific tales to delight or horrify anyone who uses or abuses the highways and byways, tracks and trails around the world.

Previewers –

“I’ve laughed, groaned and been shocked in equal measure.”

“I’m sitting here going, No, don’t do it! Or, Yesss, get in there. Really involving stuff.”

“So funny I was reading passages out loud to my husband.”


Other Writers

“Absolute classics among travel stories.”

“Brilliant – such humour, justice and tragedy in everyday driving situations.”

“The characters are real men and women you might know. But the things they get up to, wow!!!”

Why was the M42 closed that day?

How many more times will the bride have to go round again?

Some nights in Canada are so much colder than others, aren’t they?

Driving The Causeway as the tide comes in might seem risky, but…

What’s next on the menu at the Brass Kettle Diner, Tucson South?

What would your therapist tell you?

Will Sat-Nav Sadie take you on the full Australian tour?

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Go You or I Cover 5.4x8.8 tight with border.jpg


28 stories of you and me, here and now, near and far.

Tales to make you laugh or cry, gasp or sigh.

​The Stories

  • Is it really that vile girl from school in the next bed?

  • Amanda’s overseeing her own funeral?

  • Can anyone survive this tornado, when you’re at the top of the big wheel in Nottingham?

  • A brief encounter on Whitby beach ends like this?

  • Is this the LGBGT alphabet in the café near the Millwall ground?

  • Why does their dad earnestly believe that everything worthwhile was learned in the Sandpit?

  • Are you prepared to go all the way to protect your corner in the cafe-cum-charity shop?


“So rewarding, and totally absorbing”

“Superb stories; there’s nothing routine here.”

“This book lifted my spirit.”

“Highly entertaining. Very, very readable”

“Excellent – the so-believable characters”

Back to Contents

Afwican Gwey Cover VERY SMALL.jpg


32 stories with a hint of fur and fangs; fins and feathers.

To twist your tail; comb your fur; or polish your horns.

The things they do…

-       I’m going to tape that bird’s beak up one of these days.

-       I wanted a dog. You bring this Freak-Ball?

-       It’s Miss Peggy Versus the Volcano – and the winner is…

-       Why do people misinterpret the most innocent things I say, hmm, Snowy?

-       Will they ever find out why the Pigs Smell So Good Today?

-       Your ancient Rite of Passage doesn’t just die away, does it?

-       Would you survive this encounter in Montoya Canyon?

-       Which one is your kind of fisherman? In A Catch Too Far? or The Hole Truth? or I could take up fishing?

What they say…

"What great little stories these are!"

"There must be a dozen different animals in these stories."
"I just loved the ones with cats... and pigs, too.”

“There’s a real mixture among these – funny, sad, surprising.”

Wow Book of Poems2.jpg

The World of Wonders Poetry Book

 Out in Summer 2022

Collected poems that everyone

Can see themselves reflected in,

Of flower-strewn girls, of ponies gone,

A ranch-hand wreaks the deadly sin.

Filling up the parting glass;

Of cats and men and ladies, too.

World War One and graves en masse;

Of dynamite and the Devil’s brew.

Machu Picchu and Galway Town;

Whoever said, ‘Old Men Don’t Fall?’

From Java’s mud to nature’s gown,

The pages here unveil them all.

Minimum arrestable delinquency;

The haggis that truly took my heart;

In elegant idiosyncrasy

I take my leave, I must depart.

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Coming Soon