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New-Classic Sci-Fi Book Six

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Trevor Watts

Storywriter at Heart

Author of...

  • -  The New-Classic series of Science Fiction short stories from the lighter side.

  •  - The Odds, Sods and Surprises series of Short Stories (The OsssOss Books).

  • - The Worlds of Wonder Book of Poetry.

  • - Many reader-friendly books and articles, about volcanoes around the world (see "Deposits" magazine online).

  • - Magazine and Journal articles on the subject of dinosaur footprints on Yorkshire’s Jurassic coast (Also recently in "Deposits" geology magazine.)

Trevor lives in Brinsley, Nottinghamshire, UK. His short stories and poems have frequently won prizes, and he has appeared on television discussing local matters.


Educated at Old Basford Primary and Nottingham High Pavement Schools, he gained a degree and teaching Certificate at Hull University.


He spent fourteen years at the classroom chalkface; sixteen as headteacher of a special school; and sixteen as an Ofsted school inspector to round it off. His teacher wife now jokes that it’s “Sleeping with the Enemy”.


In the 1970's he was awarded a Master's Degree at Nottingham University.

His Ph.D. research in the 1980's pioneered the use of computers in the education of children with profound learning difficulties.

Now retired, he writes, curses his computers, walks the local fields, woods and footpaths, and loves his wife, the cat and his kids.

For detailed information on Trevor's published titles, have a browse of the collection here or his Amazon page.

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