What's in a day?

Typical day Thurs 12 11 20

Up at 5.20 – can’t sleep any longer

Finish the first computer-text draft of a five-page story, provisionally called The Cryoing Game, and tidy the folder up.

Check emails and Facebook – send a couple of none-SF posts out.

Do a Facebook Business advert and upload – it kept hanging up, and took ages. So I'll have to come back to it later.

Went through several hundred photos looking for the one that gave me the idea for The Cryoing Game – will try again later.

Received, read and rejected an entry for a prose competition I’m doing the admin for – 200 words too long.

Uploaded a blank paperback cover that I know is acceptable size-wise to KDP (Amazon’s publishing wing – Kindle Direct Publishing), so the KDP Previewer will work when I’m checking the layout and formatting of the manuscript for Terminal Space that I also uploaded.

Had an hour loading, checking, changing and reloading the manuscript on KDP.

Went for a long walk round the muddy local fields. Took 20+ photos and uploaded one to the BBC Weather Watch site – they have occasionally used one for the backdrop on the BBC weather report. And I always carry a notebook, for story ideas – nothing today, though.

Checked emails – replied to a couple.

An hour to print a four-page story “Footprints” which needed to be completely re-jigged, so the red pen, scissors and Sellotape were out in force – then back to the laptop to get it all re-arranged in the digital world. It’s started, anyway, now.

Rechecked the Newsletter to Subscribers for November – intending to go out tomorrow.

Continued with Previewing the manuscript for Terminal Space on the KDP “My Bookshelf” website. Very laborious, and long periods having to wait for KDP to process the file once it has uploaded it. Making alterations to original Word manuscript, and a paper and pen note of what to check on when next reloaded in ten minutes’ time.

Facebook accepted a boosted advert I put in this morning, and is now running it for five days.

Checked what the fresh cluster of emails has been – adverts, writing courses, another competition entry, and logging-on details for a Zoom conference I should have attended an hour ago (Bugger).

Return to Previewing the Terminal Space manuscript on KDP. Yes! Manuscript loaded and correct at 6.00 pm.

Two more emails to reply to, plus send an apology about missing the Zoom meeting.

Turning to the paperback cover (with front, back and spine, plus the extra “trim” border all round the edges). I uploaded it as PDF (a trial in itself). A close look at the image that came up on KDP Previewer indicates four significant errors – each of which will take at least half an hour. So that’ll be a minimum of a couple of hours or so. So that can wait until morning.

There’s also an error with the Contents page – the frame that Word fits it into refuses to shrink to a small-enough size to fit within the margins of a 5 x 8” paperback, and the techno team at KDP doesn’t seem to understand/or replicate the problem. So I’ll resort to doing a Snipping Tool snap of the Contents, and loading it back into the original Word file – it doesn’t need to remain as an interactive ToC (Table of Contents) in the paperback form.

And for the evening’s relaxation, I’ll have another look at the Footprint story – or something else if that looks too daunting at this time of day (8.00 pm.)

Besides, I can hear the whiskey bottle calling my name.


In the event, I spent the evening expanding and re-orienting an eight-page story called “I’ll Take the Little One on the End”. It’s coming along quite nicely.

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