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You know how it is… you start thinking things couldn’t get any worse… and the drive up to the house (all 7 metres of it, plus another 7 alongside the house) starts breaking up.

  • The surface is loosening, grass is growing through, there are cracks, it’s covered in patches of red stains… the surface layer is 0.6mm thick. It should be minimum 18-22mm.

  • What an advert for rival firms to seize on.

  • On top of the trauma of paying £7000+ for it sixteen months ago, the surveyor the company sent out gave his report in; and they considered it, deciding “No action is needed”.

  • So I’m busy girding my loins for a media and legal battle with this company. Supposedly reputable firm!!!!

  • They’ve sent another surveyor out, and we wrote down everything he said, If they haven’t surrendered by Friday 30th April – I’ll tell you, and everyone else in their marketing sphere, exactly who they are, and include a few pics of the disgusting job they say is “Acceptable”.

  • So Friday is "sleeves rolled up day"

  • What the hell? Here’s a couple of pics – you can see why it’s distracting me…

Tell you what - buy a book and make me happy again.

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