Out Today! Terminal Space.

Out today! Tuesday 1st December 2020

Book 3 in the New-Classic Sci-Fi Series


21 short stories; 14 illustrations; two poems.

Sci-Fi stories from the here and now, wondering what’s hiding among us; to the far-strewn arms of the galaxy where humans exist no more.

When Prisoner 296 is sent to carry out repairs in the Khuk spaceport’s entrance tunnel at rush hour, will he find out why it’s known as The Terminal Space?

What are her ex’s chances, when she spots him in the queue that she is dealing with?

What on Earth can the alien do when he’s stuck in traffic and going to miss his spaceship home?

Could it be you who writes the heartfelt plea to Agony Aunt, Maar’juh’rih Ghruughs?

When it comes to that vital First Contact moment, would you have a better plan than Polly, in the SS Stella Nova?

If it depended on you, would there Always be an England?

Is it a bird? Is it a bat? Or is it an alien that’s taken up residence at Lake N’kara, right in the teeth of the rebels’ uprising?

As Princess Porkyu said at the Cygnus Arms in 2929, “Laugh or catch your breath; shed a tear or cheer them on, you’ll soar to the stars with these souls of the universe.”

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