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Out on Mum’s Birthday!!! The Fractus Project.

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

> Twenty sci-fi stories from across the Time-iverse

> Tales from 2 to 25 minutes to make you smile or groan. Or give you a glow, a shock or a chill.

? See what inexplicable event takes place as you finish reading the last one.... You develop a craving to read the next book... or a previous one you missed.

Out on Mum’s Birthday!!! (Okay – 24th April.) The eBook is scheduled for auto-release. Amazon don’t allow pre-ordering of paperbacks, but I’ll get it published the same day. It’s all ready, this latest Sci-Fi book, The Fractus Project. Proof copies sitting here, complete with pencil marks over offending slip-ups. You’ve already read two stories from it – “Giving Them a Hand”, and “Additive” – sometimes known as “There’s always a little extra something”. If you haven’t read these two stories (brilliant or pathetic, depending on whether or not you have your brain in gear), your big chances are below – they were posted here on Jan 10 and Feb 14 respectively, and they’re still there. If you were a subscriber to this site, you would have read “Daintily Done” as well. This is the nerve-racking tale of a young lady space-pilot called Miss Dainty, attempting to take her novice flying test in the busy space terminal at rush hour. Reading it now depends on you becoming a “subscriber” – which is free, but you have to suffer a once-monthly newsletter (an A4 page of me rambling); with a new story as the bribe. Or you could buy it, I suppose. Or read it free on Kindle Unlimited – I can’t remember why I do that. What the heck – I’ll put another on the next post here, although I feel loathe to part with any of them. It’s as though they’re my children and I’m letting them fly the nest. I really should think of a better cliché than that, but it’s getting late, and it’s been a long day.

So, just posted - "Gamze and the Modrigell visit Central City" - for your delight, or something to bah-humbug over if your name's Scrooge.

Bfn - TW

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